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How Background Filters Influence our View of Equality

In our attempt to make everyone the same, we have created our own inequality.

When contests, or clubs, or functions are open to only one race, THIS is the very definition of racism.

How does selective racism further the cause of equality (no question mark needed for this rhetorical question).

People are not the same. People are unique on a myriad of different levels. A population of people who grew up in the city will be different from a population who grew up in the suburbs, who are different from country folk.

The background noise of my own race causes me to look at the world through a set of filters that will be different from another race. The filters of our unique history ARE what create differences.

When did it become bad to be different (again, no question mark needed).

We are ALL Americans. Our background filter may be African, Asian, European, Native American, Spanish, etc. Our filters may include gender diversity, sexual preference, income level, education level, religious beliefs, the list goes on.

It is not a race, religion or sexuality problem.

It is a filter problem.

Until we acknowledge that there are basic differences due to our background filters we will continue to lose the battle, because we are not even fighting the correct war.

It’s about judgement.

If I’m a white person in a black neighborhood there is a judgment attached. If I’m a black person in a white neighborhood there is judgment. If I’m homosexual in the military there is judgement, Asian person in Compton, Hispanic person in Chinatown, gay person in church, again the list could go on indefinitely because that is how many differences there are between people.

Until we STOP trying to be the SAME, we will fail to create true equality.

True equality is seeing the person behind the filter. It is acknowledging our own filter and recognizing that just because someone is not like US, does not make them WRONG. Different is GOOD, variety is good.

Filters are not wrong, they just ARE.

Until we can insert any filter word, to any situation, we are perpetuating the problem.

There is a contest is only open to people of color. What color would that be?

Would it be politically correct to say this contest is only open to whites? Only open to Asians? Only open to Native Americans?

What makes race discrimination ok as long as the discrimination is aimed at the majority? Isn’t that perpetuating the EXACT thing equality is against?

This contest should be open to all humans. All humans with something to say, all humans with an open mind, all humans who believe in equality.

Until we learn to stop judging our fellow humans based on filters, we will lose. We will lose diversity, we will lose empathy, we will lose humanity.